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MY Environmental Consulting is a family-owned business committed to the safety of our clients and their communities. Since 2015, we have proudly served the Southern Louisiana region by providing quality environmental consulting services for a variety of commercial, school and residential clients. When we receive a call, we send experienced consultants who are specially trained and certified to identify and assess environmental hazards. Once an assessment has been made, our consultants will determine the best course of action to either manage or remediate any hazards, addressing them in a way that is safe and compliant with federal, state and local regulations. 

If you believe your school, residential or commercial property may be infested with mold, or if you plan to renovate but have concerns about asbestos or lead paint, please contact us for a consultation. There are two things that you can’t put a price on: clean air, and a peace of mind. A quick call to MY Environmental Consulting can give you both. 

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This fungus starts out small, but it can quickly grow into a big problem. Dampness and humidity create the perfect environment for mold growth, and when those spores hit the air they can reduce air quality and lead to a host of severe health issues. 


Once valued for its heat-resistance and used in a variety of building components, asbestos is now known to pose severe health risks to humans and animals. Despite most asbestos uses being banned in 1989, this dangerous mineral can still be found in some buildings, and its carcinogenic fibers remain a serious hazard to anyone who breathes them in. 

Lead Paint

In the past, lead-based paints were commonly used to color the interiors and exteriors of buildings, and some buildings still contain lead-based paint to this day. However, lead paint is now recognized as a toxic substance that can cause severe damage to the brain and vital organs, especially in children. 

Industries We Serve

Our consulting experts inspect and assess residential, commercial and school properties to ensure their safety from several environmental hazards. 

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Asbestos and lead paint can be sources of concern for homeowners - especially those considering renovations. Often the result of water intrusion, a mold infestation within the home can trigger allergies and lead to significant health risks if left unchecked. Inspections and assessments can also provide assurance for prospective buyers and realtors that a property is free from environmental hazards before large financial decisions are made.
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We offer a variety of services to our commercial clients that make their properties safer while keeping them in compliance with environmental hazard regulations. We perform pre-construction or general lead and asbestos surveys, inspections and risk assessments; oversight of project bidding and contracting; ambient air monitoring for hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead before, during, and after renovation or demolition work; compliance checks; and more.
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We go the extra mile to protect schools from environmental hazards. Some of our services include pre-construction or general lead and asbestos surveys, inspections and assessments; compliance checks; indoor air quality surveys; and AHERA-mandated six-month periodic surveillance, three-year inspections, re-inspections and Asbestos Management Plans. Whether the school is under construction or decades old, our professionals will work hard to eliminate environmental risks and ensure safety. 

Our Work

We have years of experience identifying, assessing and managing asbestos, lead paint and mold. Here are some examples of our work. 


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